Welcome Letter

Dear colleagues, 

2022 is a special year. We will be celebrating the long-awaited return of the 20th ICPM since the last one in 2018. It will also be the first time that ICPM will be accessible both on-site and on-line, ensuring you can access the very latest science and research updates, from wherever you are. 

We will be delighted to welcome you to a live, interactive hybrid conference on what lies ahead in Pharmaceutical Medicine to meet, learn from and exchange views with renowned academics, researchers, scientists, clinical investigators, regulators, health policy experts, bioethicists, R&D experts, Patient Advocates and Pharmaceutical Medicine Leaders. 

Global R&D and New Technologies ecosystem special guests with Pharmaceutical Medicine experts will convene to discuss with invited executives from WMA, CIOMS, EUPATI, PharmaTrain, European Research Council, Swiss Clinical Trials Organization, FPM and other international societies on current and emerging trends in biomedical research, precision medicine, advanced therapies, new technologies, evolving research governance and contemporary ethical challenges. 

ELEFI & IFAPP as cohosts are warmly inviting you on an in-depth exploration of Pharmaceutical Medicine future through ICPM 2022 works and offer you exclusive access to discussions with experts, international networks as well as opportunities to connect with distinguished speakers, colleagues, and like-minded scientists. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Athens for a unique learning journey and enlighten your professional perspective on what lies ahead in Pharmaceutical Medicine. 

On behalf of the ICPM 2022 Organizing Committee 

Dr Varvara (Barbara) Baroutsou, Internist, GFMD, EMAUD ELEFI President IFAPP President Elect

Dr Marco Romano, MD, PhD, GFMD, IFAPP President