Dr Baroutsou is a Licensed Physician certified in Internal Medicine.

She studied in Greece, Sweden and France and worked as a Hospital Physician & Clinical Investigator in Greece and as Pharmaceutical Physician in Clinical Development and Medical Affairs in Pharmaceutical Industry leadership roles in Greece, France and Switzerland with her latest position being Western Europe Chief Scientific Officer at Novartis. She has a wealth of experience in medicines development with a contribution to more than 200 global clinical development programmes that led to the successful introduction of innovative drugs and publications for the clinical practise of Medicine.

Currently, as Consultant in Internal Medical, Pharmaceutical Medicine Consultant and Research &Experimental Development Consultant Expert, is affiliated with Greek Medical Schools’ postgraduate courses on Infectious Diseases, Public Health and Clinical Pharmacology Therapeutics.

Barbara is the President of Hellenic Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine and IFAPP President Elect.

Moreover, Barbara is a member of ACG Deree Graduate School & Professional Studies Faculty in Greece.

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