Dr. Ricardo Gaminha Pacheco, MD, MBA, MPHc & MMDc holds a Master in Medicine Degree, from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic; he has a Professional Certification in Medicines Development from King’s College London & IFAPP; he successfully completed an Executive MBA from The Lisbon MBA – Católica, NOVA, Lisbon, Portugal in collaboration with MIT Sloan, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA while obtaining a Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship from MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Additionally, he is a Board-Certified Medical Affairs Specialist by the Accreditation Council of Medical Affairs, USA, having successfully completed a Postgraduate Degree in Human Genetics & Genomic Medicine from NOVA Medical School, Lisbon, Portugal, the Venture Deals Course from renown Kauffman Fellows & Techstars, USA, and Oxford’s Entrepreneurship Venture Finance Program from Said’s Business School in Oxford.

He is currently completing a Master of Public Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and a Master of Medicines Development from the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine, University of Basel.

Dr. Ricardo began his professional activity by practicing medicine in the Portuguese National Health System and in Private Health Institutions at José de Mello Saúde, and later decided to dedicate himself to Healthcare Innovation, Clinical Research, Pharmacology & Medicines Development, Health Management and Leadership, moving to the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry as a Physician Executive, where in the last 11-12 years he has held multiple roles of increasing responsibility and leadership levels at National, Regional/European and Global levels in worldwide renown Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies such as Vemedia, UCB, Schulke & Mayr | AirLiquide Healthcare, Nycomed (now Takeda Pharmaceuticals), Novartis, AstraZeneca and Roche | Genentech.

More recently, he kickstarted his independent consultant, entrepreneurial and investor journey, being currently consulting for 4SC –a company focused on the development of novel small molecule drugs that target key mechanisms of cancer development, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer & Business Development Head at BSG Pharmaceuticals and Co-Founder of NeuroSoV: an early-stage Biopharmaceutical venture focused on developing therapies for neurodegenerative disorders, with its first lead candidate under development for Parkinson’s Disease.

Moreover, he is a Venture Scout, Advisor & Angel Investor of promising disruptive start-ups aiming to revolutionize healthcare. Dr. Ricardo is a invited lecturer at the i3du Medicines and Pharmaceutical Innovation Doctoral PhD Program at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal & invited Professor for the Master of Medicine Degree at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Beira Interior, Portugal and a Life-Sciences | Healthcare Consultant for multiple start-ups/SMEs, incubators/accelerators in the health sector and networks of Business Angels, Venture Capital & Private Equity firms.

He is a Global Public Health enthusiast on the path to reimagine healthcare through life-sciences innovation, exploring preventive, personalized & Integrative healthcare models of the future and is interested in AI, Technology, Aging & Longevity Medicine, Neuroscience, Cancer, Genomics, Regenerative, Aerospace/nautical and Pharmaceutical Medicine research.

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