Stamatiki Kritas is a self-motivated, passionate and innovative researcher, with experience in working within multidisciplinary teams, both in Europe and in Australia. She has more than 15yrs experience in clinical research, planning and executing clinical trials and projects investigating the role of gastrointestinal motility in a range of diseases, both in pediatrics and adults. For the 3yrs she has been managing the Hellenic Biocluster (HBio), the largest health and biotechnology cluster in Greece, with more than 80 members (research laboratories and institutions, large pharmaceutical companies, SMEs, startups, spinoff). As the HBio manager, she coordinates and oversees research projects, liaising with research groups and providing the link between academia and the industry. She has extensive experience in assessing the scope of potential new research projects while provide innovation support, as well as the development of strategic resilience and sustainability plans and how outcomes are communicated within organisations, partners and the public. Stamatiki has obtained more than 500K in funding for cluster development and capacity building action.

She is a member of the management team of the European program “Safety Testing in the Life Cycle of Nanotechnology Enabled Medical Technologies for Health; SAFE-N-MEDTECH” (Call: H2020-NMBP-TO-IND-2018-2020, Foundations for Tomorrow’s Industry) and was recently elected as a board member of the Council of European BioRegions (CEBR). Stamatiki is science communication and media trained.

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