Luca Giraldi is a Pharmacoepidemiologist working at the Data Analytics and Methods Task Force of the European Medicines Agency. He has a background in Biostatistics and Epidemiology; before joining the EMA, he worked in academia and industry as a Biostatistician and RWE expert. His work at EMA relates to the day-to-day activities of the EU Vaccine Monitoring Platform, the support of the Agency’s COVID-19 responses, the support of procurement procedures for EMA studies generating RWE and funded through the Agency’s framework contracts, the expert input into discussions and sharing of information with key Agency stakeholders (EMA committees, ETF, regulatory agencies, EU/EAA NITAGS and other ECDC stakeholders, EU Commission, and EU projects) and ad hoc COVID-19 related activities to support EMA management, EMA committees, and EMA product teams in their assessments and decision-making.

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