Effie Simou is an Associate Professor of Mass Media and Health Communication at the Department of Public Health Policy – University of West Attica.

She has been teaching, carrying out research and has published in the fields of public health policy, health communication strategies, health communication campaigns, risk communication, health and media literacy, doctor-patient communication, and share decision making.

During the past years, Effie Simou has collaborated as a researcher in the framework of various research projects on the field of public health, health communication and mass media and public health, which were funded by the European Commission and/or national and private resources. She was the coordinator and the author of the first “National Action Plan for Public Health 2008-2012” (Ministry of Health – Greece) and has participated in the planning and implementation of prevention campaigns managed by the Ministry of Health.

Her books include “Risk Communication: Mass Media, Risk and Public Health” (Greek edition, 2013), “Doctor-Patient Communication and Shared Decision Making” (Greek edition, 2016).

She is the founder and president of The Institute of Health Communication and Health Literacy (hit.org.gr) and the founder of www.medandme.gr, the first national campaign relevant to doctor-patient communication, health literacy and patient adherence to medication.

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