Professor of Health Law. President of the Research Ethics Committee of Vaud. Founding member of the Institute of Health Law of the University of Neuchâtel and past vice-director of the Swiss School of Public Health. He collaborated in the drafting of many legislations in the field of health and healthcare at the cantonal, Swiss and European levels. He is also regularly invited by scientific and professional associations in developing their guidelines in those fields, such as the WMA 2008 and 2013 revisions of the Declaration of Helsinki and the WMA 2016 Declaration of Taipei on Health Databases and Biobanks. Expert in the field of public health law with special interest in the regulation of research involving human participants, patient’ rights, the regulation of healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical and food stuff regulation, he has written more than 150 scientific publications, articles and book chapters on those issues. He is a board member of the European Network of Research Ethics Committees, as well as CIOMS and coordinator of TRREE, a free and open access e-learning program in research ethics and regulation (

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