Dimitris Kontopidis is Patient Advocate and social entrepreneur. He has a postgraduate specialization in social entrepreneurship, trained in most incubators/accelerators of the startup ecosystems in Greece and he is a postgraduate student in Health Management “Leadership, Innovation and Value Policies in Health”. For the last 12 years he has been actively involved in the formulation of health policy, in international and national organizations, he was Vice President of the European Cystic Fibrosis Association and President in Hellenic CF Association. He also awarded as Patient Advocate 2019 by CF Europe for his contribution to the change of the map of the CF in Greece, while in 2021 he was awarded the ELF AWARD 2021 by the ERS/ELF for his decisive contribution to access to the revolutionary CF treatment, through his shocking refusal of a lung transplant.
He is Vice President and responsible for digital Health at the “Greek Patients Association”, a member of the committee of the National Registry of Cystic Fibrosis and the Registry of Rare Diseases. He is also the founder and director of “Humane”, a network of empowering people with disabilities through the principles of participatory design (design thinking, co creation, UX Design). Mentor and social entrepreneurship consultant, participating in national and European competitions and committees: Digital Hub – Pfizer 2021, Green Ideas Greece Competition 2020, Global Patient Summit 2020-2022 Boehringer, Grant Proposal Evaluator -EA Grants Active citizens Fund – Bodossaki Foundation, Mentor of the Prince George’s International Business Program 2019, Jury Member for a, Global Youth Entrepreneurship Competition 2019, with personal distinctions in innovative projects such as the EIT Health 2019, Venture Impact Awards 2021- The Hellenic Initiative, etc.

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