Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Director

Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO), Switzerland

Cordula is a licensed pharmacist with a thorough understanding of regulatory affairs/intelligence and public affairs. She has many years of experience with stakeholder engagement and relies on an extensive network.

In her current position, she is leading the communications & stakeholder engagement team at the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO) and is the SCTO’s Deputy Managing Director. She seeks ways to enhance strategic collaboration with stakeholders, placing a special emphasis on patient and public involvement in clinical research. In line with the motto “Knowledge has a beginning but no end”, she teaches further education courses at various international universities.

Cordula also represents the SCTO on EUPATI CH’s Executive Board and within other professional organisations and working groups.

Before joining SCTO, Cordula was Head of Networking at Swissmedic. In this function she substantially contributed to building up Swissmedic’s national and international cooperation and developed the agency’s policy on stakeholder engagement and international cooperation.

In June 2021, she has been elected to the IFAPP Board as Standing Officer/Chair of the External Affairs Working Group.

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