Graduate of the department of Biomedical Engineering of the Technological Education Institute of Athens (currently University of West Attica). She works in the field of clinical research for more than 20 years, having experience from several positions of responsibility in the context of clinical studies’ conduction. Started her professional career as a Medical Representative and since 1998 she joined Sanofi, pharmaceutical company, having several roles in the Clinical Studies’ Unit (CSU). Since 2010, she is nominated as CSU Head of SANOFI in Greece, responsible for a big team of internal and external collaborators, working to achieve the qualitative conduction of clinical studies of all phases. She works consistently and passionately in the field of clinical research, enjoying every day the pleasure given by the feeling of offer to community with the availability of new, safe drugs that will become therapeutic choices in the future. She actively participates in the Working Groups of SFEE related to clinical studies, having from time to time a coordinating role in specific areas of involvement of the groups, as well as in relevant groups of ELEFI and PIF.

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